... a rich mix of prog rock, metal and more melodic leanings…surging rhythms ravaging riffs and powerful melodies...immense vocal presence and an emotional weight that grips and ceases to let go...*newly charted musical ground*.” The Brag

Sydney progressive metal quartet Red Sea have just released an incredible video and single, The Art Of Transcending.

Following their epic and acclaimed single Hurricane released this year, the band have returned with The Art of Transcending. Produced and recorded by Clayton Segelov at The Brain Studios in Sydney, TAOT (for short) is progressive metal at its core and also includes elements of math pop, groove and death metal – it's heavy, sometimes unsettling but always delicious. All elements combine to convey the song’s themes of stirring elemental forces, mythology, transformation and overcoming inner demons.

The music video is eerily dark and moody, sexy, and sometimes brutal. A bloody fist-fight juxtaposed against gorgeous dancers and fiery gods in an abandoned building creates an ‘other world’. It is the 2nd video from the knockout partnership of Director Erica Bowron (also RED SEA’s frontwoman) and Director of Photography Andy Stavert. It is altogether more creepy knowing that they filmed it in an abandoned building in the Southern Highlands of NSW at 3am in the dead of Winter with a skeleton crew! No, not that kind of skeleton crew, like…minimal crew. 

Red Sea burst onto the music landscape in 2016 with their debut EP Battlescar that was produced by the legendary triple Grammy nominated Rick Will (Fear Factory, NIN, Cold Chisel). With a sound likened to the love child of Evanescence, Muse and A Perfect Circle, Red Sea stand out among an, um, sea of sameness. Red Sea have played the Sydney Opera House and last year opened for Hungary’s biggest band Tankcsapda on their Australian tour.

VOCALS | Erica Bowron
GUITAR | Scott Daniels
DRUMS | Pete Kelly
BASS | Attila Muhari

Red Sea